Functional Testing with pCloudy is Important to Make App a Success

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In this digital world of business, a good portion of the revenue comes through the mobile app for almost all of the product and service-oriented businesses. Millions of mobile apps are already there on the app market and its numbers are increasing day by day. No mobile app for your business simply means you are running towards the dead end. Develop a powerful app with user-friendly features to make your potential customers and audiences to stick with you.

Importance of Functional Testing

It is good to know that mobile apps can bring a good volume of revenue. But keep in mind that app crashes result in more than 70% of uninstalls. Do you love your mobile app to go like this? No certainly not. Here comes the importance of functional testing of your mobile app. This test is conducted to make sure that the function of the app works as per the requirement and it mainly focuses on the user-friendliness of the important function of the app. Important functional testing includes unit testing, integration testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, regression testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.

Test Made Easy with pCloudy

Your next question will be how to conduct the test. Now it is made so easy with pCloudy, one of the most reputed and trusted mobile app testing platforms developed on the cloud platform. These help users to test their apps manually and automatically with 5000 plus device browser combinations.

Countless users and organizations are making use of this platform to measure the capabilities of the app before it is aired to the mobile app market. Make use of this exclusive platform to settle the common issues related to confusing UI, page response time, battery consumption, etc. that make the user uninstall the app. 

Saves Time and Cost

Say goodbye to costly, time-consuming and complex mobile app testing process. pCloudy make you free from the use of multiple devices and its set up cost. This excellent platform is made on the cloud platform to conduct a functional test from anywhere at any time. This platform helps you check the user-friendliness of both IOS and Android apps both manually and automatically. 

Testing of IOS apps looks to be easy with manual testing since there are only a few devices. But it is not enough for the Android apps since it has to works on different screen sizes, devices, and resolution. So make use the automated testing platform of pCloudy supported with Certifaya, the own Testing bot powered with artificial intelligence. 

You Need the App to Go Successful

Do you know that 95% of the new users quit most of the apps within the first three hours or the first three months? This happens just because of the lack of a powerful Functional Testing and as a result the presence of bugs. Avoid these issues with pCloudy, the best mobile app testing platform with a good strategy and powerful tools to conduct functional and non-functional testing. This helps you to fix the bugs and to make the app successful.