Why Do 1 Billion Teens Use WhatsApp?

A group of friends chatting with their smartphones in the street

  With nearly 1 billion users, WhatsApp is now the single most used messaging app surpassing Facebook, Skype and others. Surprisingly, 50 percent more messages are now being sent using WhatsApp than traditional SMS text messages. Of some concern is the fact that WhatsApp is extremely popular with teens as it is a way to message their friends privately without showing up in their text message history. Of greater concern is that WhatsApp has recently upgraded with end-to-end encryption, … [Read more...]

Is Your Teen Talking to a 45 Year Old on Tinder?

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  Parents know Tinder, ranked in the top 5 most widely used dating apps by today’s adult singles, reported they estimate that at least 7% percent of their adult app users are actually under the age of 18.  With Tinder’s estimated monthly user base of 50 million people, that means 350,000 teens are engaging with adults each month.   Because Tinder’s functionality is based on geo-location, it allows users in a nearby zip codes to meet up quickly and easily; which can become a parent’s … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Nude Photos Jolt Colorado High School

Westport, CT November 17, 2015 -- At least 100 high school students in Cañon City texted nude selfies to each other, according to authorities, part of a large sexting ring. George Welsh, the superintendent of the Cañon City school system, said that while children in the pictures were believed to be students at the high school, some were also eighth graders from the middle school. This incident in Cañon City has left parents outraged and has their legal officials debating whether to file … [Read more...]

iCloud vs Jailbreaking Monitoring Method

iPhone Monitoring

  When developing WebWatcher for iPhone/iPad, Awareness Technologies weighed the pros and cons of creating an iCloud monitoring solution versus a Jailbreak solution. Apple released iOS 8.3 last week, which continues to patch any ability to jailbreak the device running 8.1.3 or later. iOS 8.1.3, which was released earlier this year, officially patched up the TaiG iOS 8 jailbreak and those patches carry over to iOS 8.3. A support page on Apple’s website lists the TaiG Jailbreak Team as … [Read more...]

Facebook Can Influence College Admissions

Facebook College Admissions

 Parents Need To Be Concerned with Kids' Social Media Postings In today's "share everything I do on Facebook" world, parents need to be aware, now more than ever, of what their kids post to social media. According to a 2012 study by Kaplan, 27% of college admissions officers routinely do Google searches on applicants and 26% check Facebook - and 35% found posts and pictures that reflected poorly on those prospective students. Those are startling numbers. When Kaplan first started doing this … [Read more...]