Computer Monitoring Software Benefits

As a new user you will find there are many uses for computer monitoring software. As an experienced user you will most likely focus on a few features such a being able to block websites, setting up custom alerts and monitoring websites visited. In this short article you will learn about two computer monitoring software benefits.

Two Computer Monitoring Software Benefits

Remote Monitoring

For most, using computer monitoring software or using parental control software sounds difficult to administer and monitor. After the quick installation, users will quickly realize the remote monitoring feature makes it easy to monitor the screen that a child or person is using from afar. The remote monitoring feature shrinks the learning curve quite a bit and lets you feel competent quickly.


WebWatcher gives you the ability to see all social networking activity, including Facebook. See every keystroke typed even if it is deleted.  WebWatcher provides a reader-friendly version of all keystrokes logged along with the raw keylogging activity so you can see every detail.  See every email sent & received on all major email programs, including webmail.  Along with the body text, easily find the subject, recipients, date/time, and more. See all programs used, how long they’re used for, what they’re used for and more.

See both sides of all instant messages & chat conversations from all major messaging programs and web-based chat, including Facebook Chat Messages.  Take a picture of the screen whenever a program or website is in use.  Set a time frequency for screenshots to be taken for as long as it is in use.  See which sites they visited, when they went and how long they stayed in a simple to understand web accessed report.  Easily block access to inappropriate websites.  The WebWatcher website block list is updated automatically every day.

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