WebWatcher Mission

WebWatcher’s mission is to help parents keep their kids safe online. In today’s digital world, kids are spending more time than ever on their phones – an average of 7 hours a day for teens! Parents can feel powerless as they have no idea what their kids are doing as they navigate the digital world, unsupervised, and unprepared to deal with the dangers that lurk online.

Each day we hear more reports about terrible stories involving sexting, cyberbullying and predators just to name a few, all of which can end in devastating, lifelong circumstances for our children. WebWatcher is here to help parents stay aware of their kids’ online activity and guide them as they navigate the choppy waters of the digital world.

What Parents Need to Know

Today, the average kid gets their first phone at 11 years old. But do parents know where kids are going and what they are doing once we hand them these devices? A parent certainly wouldn’t hand their child keys to a car without asking where they are going and if it has seatbelts.

We can’t expect our kids to have the maturity to understand the permanence of their actions online. As parents, we are tasked with staying aware of their online activity, and guiding them to make good choices.

This is why we advise parents to be able to answer the Three W’s:

Where are my kids going online?

Are they on social media sites, dating sites apps, visiting sites with inappropriate content?

What are they doing once they get there?

Are they posting inappropriate content, sending inappropriate pictures or other information which is part of their permanent digital footprint?

Who are they communicating with?

Do they know the people they are talking to online? Are they safe? Are they strangers or predators?

But What About their Privacy?

We understand that parents may feel conflicted about invading their kids’ privacy while they supervise them online. That’s why WebWatcher’s tools are designed to allow parents to see as much information as they are comfortable with.

They can choose to just receive alerts for specific actions or view all of their child’s online activity if needed. We value a child privacy but not at the expense of their security.

Did you know?

1 in 5 teens

admit to sending sexually suggestive or nude photos via social media or texts to others.

1 in 5 teens

say they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation online. Only 25% told a parent.

Over 50% of teens

have felt bullied online or have been part of an incident involving bullying.