Parents Are Helping Child Predators by not Monitoring Cell Phones & Tablets

According to a recent study, investigators say parents themselves are helping child predators commit crimes against kids.  How?  So many parents are in the habit of only monitoring desktop computers at home.  Those same parents have no idea whats on their kids’ cell phones, ipods or tablets.  It is very important for parents to monitor these devices since now one if four teens in a “cell only” internet user. 15% of Americans ages 18-29 are heavily dependent on a smartphone for online access.

Young adults (85% of whom are smartphone owners) are also incorporating their mobile devices into a host of information seeking and transactional behaviors. About three-quarters of 18-29 year old smartphone owners have used their phone in the last year to get information about a health condition; about seven-in-ten have used their phone to do online banking or to look up information about job; 44% have consumed educational content on their phone; and 34% have used their phone to apply for a job.

WebWatcher offers a full family of products that allow parents to keep their kids safe online. Teens access the internet primarily on their smartphones and tablets. WebWatcher is compatible with iPhones and iPads, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.