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With WebWatcher for Mobile there are many activities that you will be able to monitor. This week we will focus on the Cell Phone Log Tracking feature. This feature is also known as the Phone Call Tracking feature.

Benefits of Cell Phone Log Tracking

As we discuss each feature, we always want to cover the benefits of each cell phone monitoring component. You can now easily monitor when calls are made, received  and missed by the Android phone.

Which Calls To Monitor & Review

Cell Phone Log Tracking

Each person has their own criteria for determining which inbound or outbound call to investigate. With this in mind, we include the ability to see:

  • Call duration
  • Time of call
  • The phone numbers

How To Intall

  1. Visit a secure WebWatcher website directly from the phone to download and install the software.
  2. WebWatcher Mobile will immediately begin recording and transmitting activity to your online account.
  3. Log into your secure online account from any computer to view activity from your WebWatcherMobile software.

Invisible Monitoring

WebWatcher Mobile Plus for Android records all SMS text messages, phone call logs, photos, website history, and locations.


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