Another Step Towards Stopping Cyberbullying

Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill today that expands Florida’s current anti-bullying law to include cyberbullying and to include some activities that occur off campus and on privately owned electronic devices.  One of the Senate sponsors, Sen. Dwight Bullard, said the social networking sites and technology in most every student’s hands has opened the door for new ways of bullying.  The law, which goes into effect July 1, will require school districts to update their bullying policies to reflect the new provisions.

WebWatcher offers excellent software solutions to monitor/prevent online bullying or cyberbullying. With this software parents are able to see all social network activity, including Facebook.  Facebook seems to be the top platform in which cyber bullying occurs.  WebWatcher also gives parents the ability to see every email sent and received, see both sides of instant messages, block websites, take screenshots, and set up alert word notifications.

WebWatcher also provides a great way for parents to prevent cyber bullying.  Parents can see all texts messages sent and received, easily monitor when calls are made and received, see all websites visited, and keep track of what photos are being taken.  Since the majority of youngsters access the internet on mobile devices, this software is a great anti-cyber-bullying resource for parents to take advantage of.

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