Cell Phone SMS Tracker

WebWatcher Mobile brings the power of WebWatcher to cell phones.

Cell Phone SMS Tracker

Remote monitoring has been around for many years and is an effective way to monitor computer and mobile phone usage. With WebWatcher Mobile you now have the same robust monitoring tools available for your mobile phones that have been available for your personal computers for quite some time. WebWatcher Mobile allows you to monitor mobile phones remotely via a secure online user-interface. With this slick interface you can monitor all SMS text messages, phone call logs, photos, website history, and GPS locations.

WebWatcher & SMS Text

WebWatcher Mobile Plus allows you to monitor all text messages that are sent or received. Your employees or family members may think that they are safe if they delete incriminating messages, but this is not the case as WebWatcher Mobile Plus automatically sends all activity to a secure online account.

WebWatcher & Phone Log Tracking

Monitor when calls are missed, made and received with ease using WebWatcher Mobile. All important information such as call duration, time of call and phone numbers are logged in an online interface which is accessible at all times from any computer.

How Remote Monitoring Works

1) Download & Install
a. WebWatcher will be waiting in your online account immediately after purchase. Install onto the target device in 5 minutes or less at any time that is convenient for you. No tech experience required.

2) Record & Transmit
a. WebWatcher is completely invisible and records everything that happens on the monitored device(s) and sends it to your online account. This allows you to always be up to speed with the usage of your monitored device(s).

3) Access & Review
a. Simply log onto www.webwatcherdata.com to see all recorded activity. No physical access to monitored device(s) is required after installation. You are able to access recorded activity from anywhere and have alerts sent directly to your email account. This is all without the mobile device user knowing that any software has been installed on their device.

WebWatcher Mobile is currently available for Android & BlackBerry smart phones.

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