Benefits of Monitoring Your Kid’s Android

Children are the new mobile generation, with some as young as six now being given mobile phones.  Many parents feel that having a mobile connection with their children will help keep them safer.  While this may be true and the main reason why children have phones at such a young age, parents also have to consider what their children see and do on these mobile devices.

WebWatcher’s Android monitoring software is the best way to monitor a child’s Android mobile device. This software allows parents to view all cell phone activity without rooting the android smartphone or tablet.

Features include:

  • See all SMS & MMS text messages sent and received
  • Call Log History – track all phone calls made, received and missed
  • GPS – track phone’s physical location
  • Photos – taken and saved to camera roll
  • Website History (Google Chrome)
  • Instagram – photos taken and shared via Instagram
  • SnapChat – photos shared via SnapChat

A survey by mobile phone insurance company,, showed that 58% of parents admit they don’t keep an ye on what their children are actually using on their mobile phones.  This raises obvious concerns that children may be accessing unsuitable content on the internet or being bullied via their mobile phones.  WebWatcher can put parents at ease with the ability to monitor internet use on their children’s android phones.  This award winning software can also help parents monitor bullying among children.