9 Things You Need To Know About Computer Monitoring

Computer Monitoring sure has come a long way since the days of having to scroll through the computer’s browsing history. Today, many solutions have automated features which allow you to secretly monitor your kids online activity.

With social media on the rise there is no real way to prevent your children from interacting online with their peers. Social media is great for increased communication, access to information and help in developing a sense of self. At the same time, there can be serious downsides to all this online sharing . Such as cyber bullying, sexting, & discovering inappropriate information that can lead to viruses requiring professional removal by cybersecurity experts like Computers In The City. For many parents the only way to monitor their child’s activity has been to actually use their children’s login credentials to review their child’s’ social media activity.

“Digital life starts early, in toddlerhood, and accelerates at the speed of light. Kids who chat on Disney’s popular ClubPenguin.com have avatars before they have permanent teeth. “ – Melissa Rayworth