5 Types Of Devices & Benefits For Monitoring Online Activities

Parents often need to monitor their child’s internet activity. The internet can be a useful resource for children. However, it can also be a dangerous place. Parents monitor online activities to protect children from the potentially harmful information available. This helps keep them safe. It also ensures that they are not spending too much time online. There are applications and programs across many devices that help parents do this. Continue reading this post to learn about five devices that parents can use to monitor their child’s online activity.


There are also a variety of ways to use your iPhone to monitor a child’s online activity. The iPhone offers the standard smartphone apps that are available across platforms. The new iOS 12 also has a Screen Time feature build into its operating system. This component allows parents to control apps and app categories regardless of whether they need internet access. It provides parents with a detailed breakdown of their child’s app and online activity right on their phone. Moreover, there are many advanced iPhone tracking apps that are built with technologies such as container registry and docker containers. These iPhone apps provide parents with the ability to easily monitor and limit internet use for their children.


Parents can monitor their child’s internet activity from their Android device. There are various apps available for Android smartphones that allow parents to track and limit a child’s internet usage from their phone. These apps give users access to information like calls, messages, and social media data. They also provide parents with the ability to block certain apps, filter online content, and track locations. Child phone monitoring apps send parents real-time alerts that update parents on their child’s internet use and location. Android devices can be useful tools for monitoring internet usage.

Desktop Computers

You can also monitor online activity from your computer. PCs offer Family Safety settings that allow parents to control accounts. These settings designate special safety features for each account on the system, from administrator to basic users. These features help parents keep their children safe online. This includes blocking inappropriate apps and setting an allowed usage time. Family Safety settings also provide parents with weekly reports of activity on their accounts. Parents can use the Family Safety settings available on their PC to monitor the internet usage and activity of their children.


Macs have their own set of controls that help parents monitor a child’s online activity. In System Preferences, parents can set up a user account specifically for their child. This allows you to implement Parental Controls. Using the Family Sharing feature, you can do this from any Apple device. Once you have turned on Family Controls, there are a variety of different features to use to keep your child safe. Through Downtime, parents can set the times when Mac can not be accessed by a user. This is helpful for parents who want to restrict late night browsing. Mac computers also allow for screen-sharing and App limits. There are many different features that Apple products have to help keep your children safe online.


Google’s Chromebook computers are manufactured with a focus on students and education. Because of this, they have a solid range of parental controls available. One of these integrated tools lets parents monitor a child’s activity from their Android phones. This app allows parents to schedule and limit the screen time, review browser history, and control social media usage. There are other computer software for parental control that work across all major platforms to monitor a child’s Chromebook usage. Along with monitoring, these apps also allow parents to send reminder messages to their child and track a Chromebook’s location when the computer is on. Chromebooks offer a variety of options for monitoring online activities.

Parents are always looking for the best ways to keep their children safe online. Luckily, there are a variety of different monitoring systems across all operating systems and platforms. You can download various apps on your Android phone to track your child’s location and internet use. There are features built right into iPhone operating systems that help achieve this as well. PCs have settings that allow parents to control user accounts. Macs have their own controls that use a feature to monitor online activity. Chromebooks use Google parental controls to help parents monitor activity online. If you are a parent who wants to monitor their child’s online activity, consider the devices outlined in this post.