What is a Psychometric Test and How can it Help in Recruitment?

Recruitment is a tricky avenue these days. If you think that it is all about the interview and resume evaluation then you are wrong. The world of recruitment is progressing like any other arena. These days you cannot simply recruit anyone for any designation. Your whole business depends on your employees and if you are recruiting the wrong people; they might lead to your doom. On the other hand if you have professional, flexible and effective employees working for you, nobody can stop your business from soaring.

 It is needless to say that at all the levels; recruitment could often be a timely and pricey process. Since it is the case, for employers, once new recruits have stepped into the company, enhanced staff retention is always a high priority.  If the candidates recruited are not good, they might turn out to be a burden for the business. Here what the employers or recruiters can do is they use the best psychometric test for recruitment so as to make sure that they get the best candidates for the recruitment.

It is about Preferences and Experiences

Certainly, it does not mean psychometric tests are the be all and end all that can take the place of all the different types of recruitment strategies that you might already use in place. Indeed, some folks do debate their usefulness, at all, but for so many companies who have incorporated this technique, they say they get a more objective and effective, overall picture of their candidates rather than just depending on their own personal views. Certainly whether to use this method in your recruitment program or not is your choice. But one this is for sure you must give it a try for once to find out its worth. 

Where psychometric testing has been used and employed as an instrument for recruiting the finest young talent into a business, those companies also make use of other means of deciding whether an applicant is appropriate for both the job and the business. Relying on the size of the business, this can be application forms, exam results, outside references, covering letters, interviews and even that of assessments centres. So, for now have a look at what really psychometric testing is and why to go for it.

What Does Psychometric test can Measure?

Though psychometric testing evaluates a candidate in a variety of zones, the basic umbrella definition of psychometric testing can be like that it is a measurement of the mind. Relying on the nature of your company and the industry you are involved with you could put more emphasis on one zone of psychometric testing over another but normally speaking, psychometric tests evaluate:

  • Ability  or Aptitude 
  • Personality

Inside these tests, you are going to get an idea of the abilities of your candidate, of how they work in the given specific situations, what their weaknesses and strengths are and how they relate to other employees or team members. Rather than only relying on the candidate’s appearance, test results or previous experience, you can get an image of whether a person is going to thrive inside your company setup.

You know the ability and aptitude tests is going to give you a general and overall picture of an applicant’s ability and intelligence through numerical, logical and even abstract testing at the same time as the personality test will get you an idea of how your applicants deal with certain situations. For now have a look at some of the apparent benefits of psychometric test.

Any company of any size can use psychometric test

Psychometric testing does not essentially need to be reserved for larger businesses looking to recruit graduates. SMEs can also use the method, too, as part of their general recruitment strategies. Whilst it is vital to make sure candidates are getting tested for the right traits, tiny and medium enterprises may not necessarily tailor tests quite as much as huger companies. Rather, these can be used to cater to a more general idea of the abilities and personality of the candidates.

You would not have to completely rely on interview 

Of certainly , interviews – and asking the right interview questions – are critical to any company’s recruitment strategy but in case you are in charge of recruitment for your business, you would know that interviews don’t always go as per the plan when you are looking to employ the most suitable and effective candidates  for your business. Maybe you planned to ask some questions but when you observe the candidate you might find the questions baseless. The point is that the test is standard for everyone and is useful for evaluation of all the candidates.

  • There can be candidates who could be absolutely ideal for your job but they just don’t interview well. It could be because of anxiety, because of a lack of recently given interview practice, or the candidate might only be having a bad day.
  • ◦ on the other side of the situation, some candidates could have lots of confidence or be absolutely versed in the art of interviews and will cater a whole range of well-rehearsed answers to your questions.  Do you feel that such a candidate would be a good employee for your business? 

Remember Recruitment is all about filling the vacancies with the right and effective people for the job and, on their own, interviews do not evaluate the capability. Psychometric testing gets you a benchmark where you can easily compare the results against other candidates who have applied and also previous applicants who might be flourishing within your company. Introducing this kind of powerful test means you don’t require sitting and racking your brains, trying to recall everything that every candidate said in the interview. The test would have all the records, results and substance stored for your assistance. You can anytime go through the results. 

Thus, having all these things into consideration, it gets important that you give a chance to psychometric test in your recruitment drive for best outcomes.