The mSpy Hack – Protecting our Kids in a Changing World

Is Your Teen a Victim of Online Hacking

In September 2018 a hacker was able to easily access millions of customer records that mSpy carelessly left unsecured. Personal information such as iCloud usernames & passwords and recorded data such as call log activity, SMS text messages, contacts & location were stolen. This was the 2nd such breach by the company in three years.

Identity theft is a frightening thought in every sense of the word. Almost every week we hear stories of large companies getting hacked, personal records and credit card information being stolen. Imagine the thought of your child’s phone records (messages between friends, photos, location coordinates) falling into the wrong hands. This is precisely what mSpy has let happen again and again.

While parents are trying to protect their kids with monitoring & tracking software, the mistake of using the wrong service can make all the difference. WebWatcher works differently because all communication is end-to-end encrypted. WebWatcher also does not use iCloud info so this information is never submitted by the parent and thus is kept safe and secured.

WebWatcher, a U.S. based company is proudly committed to the security of our customers and their data.

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