Teensafe Parents: Why Now is the Best Time to Switch to WebWatcher

Teensafe is letting parents know that they are shutting down their services soon, leaving users to question how they will continue to track their children’s phone activity going forward. To all those parents, we have the ideal solution for you, WebWatcher!

WebWatcher has proven time and time again to be the best alternative to TeenSafe. WebWatcher is an award-winning parental monitoring app, that allows parents to monitor a device discretely from a secure online account. The app records all data including text and private messaging content, social media, web browser history and searches, photos, GPS locations and more. WebWatcher even works with iPhone 2 Factor Authentication & monitors even more child device activity than Teensafe did.

WebWatcher is compatible with all 5 key operating systems (Android, iOS, PC, Mac & Chromebook) and all devices are managed from a single Parent App that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Easily track your child’s iPhone or Android along with their Macbook, Windows PC or Chromebook.

WebWatcher’s stand-out feature is its Alert Log tool. This feature scans all recorded data and uses intelligent filters to identify and highlight items deemed to be risky behavior. Parents receive real-time alerts of all identified risky behavior, which means they can focus on only important items while respecting privacy boundaries. Of course, all recorded data is available for review at any time if needed. 

The company also offers 24/7 customer service via phone, e-mail and live chat, to ensure the best experience for their customers.

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