How to Use Flyers to Market your Business

The history of Flyers is as old as marketing and they are excellent to promote both small and large businesses. They are easy to design on a personal computer or you can hire a professional to design and print them for you in a very small fee. They are very effective in getting the word around about your business or the latest deals or services that you offer. You can hang them or past them around the busiest areas like bus station or a coffee shop to gain the attention of your potential buyers.

There are other ways to move your flyers around like offer them inside goodie bag or you can mail them to your loyal customers, who like to know more about your latest offers and deals. There are many small and large firms that can help you distribute these flyers like leaflet distribution London if you live in UK.

How to Make an Appealing Flyer

Anyone can make a flyer that can attract potential customers but for that you need to know exactly what you are doing. You need to know certain details about the business for which you are about to make a flyer. There are some common things that you need to keep in mind while making a flyer for each client.

  • Know what it is they offer: A flyer is not very appealing until you offer some discount or something new with it, so you should know what your client is about.
  • The marketplace needs/wants: You can make a better Flyer if you know the latest trends and needs of the market.
  • Customers Mentality: Each business has its own set of customers and unique mentality. Understanding this will help you devise your flyer in such way that can appeal to them more.
  • Know More About Target Audience: It may seem simple at first but you need to understand the action and client’s prospect when doing any type of promotion. You have to give 2 or 3 good offers to your client while making flyer because if you offer too many choices, they may do nothing.

Let us show you what and where you can add while making a flyer.

1. First, you add the name of the individual or company.

2. Second, you add a slogan or a tagline that describe what this flyer is about. This tagline should be interesting and easy to remember, like Nike’s “Just Do It”.

3. After that you add benefits or deals in your flyer. Tell your audience what they will gain from doing business with you.

4. Add testimonials from your existing clients to make it more appealing.

5. After adding testimonials add call of action. You need to tell people what to do after they read your flyer. Tell them if you want them to call, visit your website, come by or visit your social media page.

6. Finally you add the contact information on your flyer. We have seen many flyers in the past that are missing this crucial information.

You can make a great flyer by adding all these elements on it. This is the best order of information that you can add on your flyer but you can change it if it suits your need.

Tips for Flyer Marketing

Your flyer is representing your business so never use cheap photocopies, instead use quality printing and paper. No one will head them if they won’t look professionally done.

Now that you know how to create a quality flyer, here are some tips for you to properly promote your business or services.

  • You can trade ad space for services with other local business organizations, so submit your ad there.
  • If you have created a full page ad then it is very easy to reduce it to a quarter page size ad. Submit it to industry newsletters for better exposure. Make sure to make it easy to read if you reduce its size for newsletter.
  • If you are engaged in any social circle or public presentation, have your flyer on hand to distribute it after such events. Make your offer compelling so it didn’t end up in a round file.
  • Ask your existing clients to spread your flyer in relevant circle and offer them loyalty rewards for such services.
  • If you write newsletters or articles for free then you can include your add in them.
  • Make sure to distribute your flyers in the right venues, such as if you are offering accounting services then business organizations and chamber of commerce are ideal targets.
  • Go old school and try door hanger bags. You can add a flyer and your business card in a small bag and hang it to door knobs in neighboring communities.
  • You can also ask your business associates to distribute some flyers during their day. Offer them some compensation for their effort. You will find them to be really effective because some of them can have access to communities that can be interested in what you are offering in your flyer.
  • Offer other professional of your distribution services in exchange of their services for you. This way you can create a network of distributors for your flyers.
  • Social media is everywhere these days so don’t forget to promote your flyer on social media. Web is a good place to incorporate in your marketing strategy.
  • Create some posters from your flyers. It is easy to enlarge and use as a poster if your flyer if of good quality. Hang them on the places where more people had a chance to look at them like markets and other public places.


The best quality of flyers is their ability to measure success and adapt accordingly. They can react to any response and you can produce them quickly and easily. That is why they should be the part of your overall marketing campaign. The best time to make and distribute flyers is around special events and at the start of new business or brand. So spread the flyers as we discussed earlier to gain maximum exposure for your business.