mSpy vs. WebWatcher Phone Monitoring: See why WebWatcher Wins

mSpy is a parental control monitoring software offered on iPhone, that allows parents to keep track of their children’s devices. The software claims that it can manage calls, track text messages, monitor apps, track location, control apps and monitor internet activities. We decided to test it for ourselves to ensure the app works as advertised, but in the end, we were dissatisfied with the software’s inability to operate.  As detailed below, the recent Apple upgrade to iOS12 breaks the mSpy app.

We purchased the iPhone Monitoring 1-Month Premium License for $69.99 that includes all mSpy’s features such as monitoring calls, text messages, messaging apps, multimedia files, locations, emails, internet activity, and more. Excited to get started, we followed the instructions and opted for the “iPhone No Jailbreak” option. With all the security measures Apple takes to protect their products, it is no longer possible to jailbreak an iPhone. mSpy asks for the target device’s iCloud login and sends a verification code to the iPhone.

Since iOS 12, Two-Factor Authentication has become standard which means the parent is required to get a one-time-use code from the child’s device each and every time they want to request data. mSpy does not work with Two-Factor Authentication and we have found accounts with Two-Factor Authentication cannot request data through their interfaces therefore no data can be requested. Apple has made it impossible to disable Two-Factor Authentication with iOS 12, as Apple deems that this an important security feature for accounts, thus making mSpy not work at all for iPhone users.

Once we identified the issue, we decided to still give it a try and clicked the “Backup status” which explains that users can backup their data once every 24 hours. Days later after never receiving any data, we tried using mSpy’s “Live Assistance” feature on mSpy’s Customer Dashboard. After clicking “Get Live Assistance”, we learned in order to get support we must pay additional fees. Get mAssistance is $53.99 and the Phone Support Service is $12.99.

After reading customer reviews, many of the negative comments mention how the product did not deliver on what was advertised and that the mSpy support team was not helpful to them.  

Overall, our testing of mSpy proved to us that the app did not work as advertised, or at all. After a week of having this product, and backing up the account every day, no data was ever received.

In contrast, WebWatcher has been updated to be completely compatible with iOS 12, as well as all prior versions. Rated the #1 iPhone monitoring app, WebWatcher allows parents to monitor a device discretely from a secure online account. In addition to iPhone/iPad, it is compatible with all other key operating systems (Android, PC, Mac & Chromebook). The company also offers 24/7 customer service via phone, e-mail and live chat, to ensure the best experience for their customers. WebWatcher‘s stand-out feature is its Alert Log tool. This feature scans all recorded data and uses intelligent filters to identify and highlight items deemed to be risky behavior. Parents receive real-time alerts of all identified risky behavior, which means they can focus on only important items while respecting privacy boundaries. Of course, all recorded data is available for review at any time if needed. 

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