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iCloud vs Jailbreaking Monitoring Method

When developing WebWatcher for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Awareness Technologies weighed the pros and cons (as seen below) of creating an iCloud monitoring solution versus a Jailbroken solution.


WebWatcher is the only monitoring software that does not require you to Jailbreak the device and is the only solution compatible with iOS 9 and iPhone 6. Beware of vendors that require you to Jailbreak the target device, as Apple has made it impossible to Jailbreak iOS 9.1 or later.


Competing products that require Jailbreaking will only work with devices running iOS 9.0.1 or below. As of November 2015, 75% of all iOS devices have upgraded to iOS 9.1.






  • Nothing to install on target device
  • No risk of voiding the warranty
  • No risk of damaging target device
  • Compatible with iOS 6.0 or later

















  • More recorded data types available
  • Recorded data is available in near real time


  • Requires target device has iCloud Backup enabled (which it is by default)
  • Apple ID & Password of target device required
  • Fewer recorded data types than jailbroken solutions
  • Recorded data is available after the latest iCloud Backup (typically once every 24 hours)




  • Jailbreaking is a very complex process
  • Voids Apple warranty
  • Can permanently damage the target device
  • Will no longer work if target device upgrades to a newer iOS version
  • iOS 9.1 CANNOT be jailbroken

With WebWatcher, Jailbreaking is NEVER required as there is no software to download. All you need is the Apple ID and Password into our web interface. That's it!


For the protection and convenience of our customers, WebWatcher for iOS has been developed as an iCloud solution. Our dedicated team of support professionals is always available to assist you in making the most of your WebWatcher for iOS license.


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DISCLAIMER: Awareness Technologies Terms of Use and End User Licensing Agreement require that you only install its software on devices that you own or have permission to monitor and that you inform all users of those devices that they are being monitored. To ensure proper use, we require the user have both physical and password access to the target device. Failure to do so may result in breaking of Federal and State laws.


Awareness Technologies will cooperate with authorities in investigation of any allegations of misuse. In addition, we will immediately terminate your license without notice or refund. Consult legal counsel if you have questions regarding your specific circumstances.


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