April 16, 2018
How Should Parents React to the Facebook Data Sharing Scandal?

How Should Parents React to the Facebook Data Sharing Scandal?

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably heard about how data about voters who used Facebook ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica and […]
April 10, 2018
Myths and Facts About Teens and Sexting

Myths and Facts About Teens and Sexting

If your teen has a smartphone or other mobile device, chances are that you’ve paid close attention when headlines about teen sexting scandals make the news. […]
June 26, 2017

What is a Family Media Plan?

Managing your children’s use of digital media can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting in the digital age. It’s not enough to just […]
June 19, 2017

What To Do When Your Teen is a Cyberbully

Cyberbullying is something that many parents worry about. It has been linked to teen suicide in some extreme cases, as well as to depression and other […]
June 12, 2017

Help Your Teen Preserve Their Online Reputation in 4 Simple Steps

When your teen shares a Facebook post or an Instagram photo with all of their friends, they’re probably not thinking much further into the future than […]
June 5, 2017

Is Too Much Social Media Making Kids Antisocial?

Social media is a central part of the social lives of today’s teenagers, so it seems strange to consider that the very medium that kids use […]
April 24, 2017

Does Legislation Exist to Protect Victims of Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is an especially frustrating form of bullying, as it can seem to the victim as if there’s nowhere to turn to escape the bullying behavior. […]
March 28, 2017

How Bullying Has Evolved in the Digital Age

Although bullying is discussed more widely now than it was years ago, the concept of bullying has been around forever. No matter how old you are, […]
March 20, 2017

3 Ways Internet Monitoring Software Benefits Families

The internet is an amazing tool. With it, you can research any subject, communicate with people all over the world, and have instant access to breaking […]